Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Rabaris too have an unwritten dress code that reveals the status and stature of a person. They have the code for everyday wear, ceremonial and wedding dresses. For instance, the blouse pleated at the breast sets a married woman apart from the single. The older women and widows wear plain black with no embroidery. The outer layer of the dress is a long woolen shawl. Un married women wear white while the married and the elderly wear brown or black. In the case of nubile or young married women, the shawl is adorned with miniscule deep red circular designs, made by the tie-and-dye method. The widow's shawl is plain black. In some regions, Rabari women may embellish their shawl with applique work or embroider the centre seam, add mirrors or ever do up the border.

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